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Hello, and welcome to my “Sonnets in colour” blog. I am very happy you are here.

My name is Elena Maslova-Levin (or Lena for short), and I am an artist and a scholar; you can read more about me here.

“Sonnets in colour” is my studio journal.

Its main focus is my long-term series: translating each and every one of Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets into paintings, one sonnet at a time. I’ve been working on this series since 2012, and it has turned into a journey of personal evolution and, more generally, an inquiry into the nature and potential of human consciousness.

I write about the painting process, about reading and contemplating the sonnets, about books I am reading and paintings I am seeing. This blog, then, is an attempt at examining the emergence of a painting, a raw record of the process (slightly edited for readability).

If you are interested in what’s going “behind the scenes” of the painting process, in the artist’s mind and soul, I would love you to sign up for updates:

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  1. I’m very interested in your project, and want to share it with some friends of mine that are artists.

    I looked for a “like” button but couldn’t find one… I want to ‘like’ your post and the Sonnet project.

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