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Welcome, once again, to the 5-day AWE & WONDER challenge! It is designed to open a synergistic seeing space, for us to help one another to invigorate and sustain the sensation of awe and wonder — from which everything else springs with effortlessness of a miracle. 

Or rather: allow Art to do this for us, and help one another in this process…

There are two ways to participate

The first is private, solo journey through the synergistic field of art — just you and the masters of painting. 

This is for you if you are feeling introverted and longing for solitude — that is, if you’d rather just connect with art, without interacting with anyone else. If this is you, you can follow the program just by opening my daily letters, and taking some time to contemplate the painting I share.

This is the commitment to yourself I invite you to make right now (because there will be nothing else to support you): just open the daily email from me every day of the challenge and click the link to the high-resolution reproduction of a painting masterpiece.

It’s best if you decide, right now, how you will integrate this tiny step into the flow of your day (preferably in the morning). 

Or you can amplify your experience by joining our synergistic space

I invite you to amplify this experience by joining the Sutra circle I created for this challenge (learn more about this unique platform below). 

Because nothing amplifies and crystallizes our experiences more powerfully than sharing them with others. And in this circle, you are invited to share your experiences, insights, breakthroughs, associations — in words, pictures, music, or any other form. In doing so, you are entering as a co-creator  into the magnificent synergistic field of art. 

I will be also sharing my own insights and responses — in words, and paintings. This is a way for me to take place in this circle not as a leader, but as a co-creator of this synergistic experience — but since I have spent quite a long time exploring this field, this will give you an additional opportunity to deepen the overall experience. 

In my experience, there is a magical quality to these co-creative synergistic experiences: they reawaken and ignite the life force within us.

... there is a magical quality to these co-creative synergistic experiences: they reawaken and ignite the life force within us.
Joining the Circle Is really the BEST way to get most out of this experience!

About the Sutra Platform

If you are new to Sutra: this is a very special space, quite unlike other “social media” or teaching platforms. Pure and distraction-free, it is designed and optimized to facilitate deep conversations and meaningful relationships.

You will be invited to create a Sutra account (if you don't have one yet). It is a very short and simple process, and your privacy is protected.