five day synergistic seeing challenge


    Awe and Wonder Challenge

  • This five-day event is not about doing, nor even about learning anything — it is about being. The challenge is simply to allow: to allow Art to infuse your being with innocent joy and deep reverence for the magnificent evolutionary unfolding we are all part of.

June 10-June 14, 2021

What you will discover

  • A new way to experience Art, which uplifts your state of being, expands your sense of vision, and connects you with the inner source of inspiration
  •  A new way of seeing, which allows you to transcend your mind's outdated filters, see through the artist's eyes, and come into the state of presence in any situation.
  •  How Art can reveal the gifts hidden in shadows and pains of our psyches, and allow these gifts to blossom into the world. 

From participants of previous synergistic seeing programs:

Gerry Smyth

I don't have words for this now, other than I am amazed at how my experience of art has evolved so much. I've heard people talk about paintings this way before, and intellectually understood them.... What a far cry from experiencing the reality of it. 

Tricia Clark-McDowell

What a lovely and deeply moving journey you have taken us on these past weeks. And now we have new tools with which to apply this idea of celebration and a deeper perception of the everyday life around us.

Terrill Welch

Lena is one of the best I have ever met at ferreting out nuggets of facts, observations and points of inquiry for our exploration and discussion! We are in for a tantalizing, thought provoking and potentially life-altering journey...

How it works

Each synergistic seeing program is a unique concoction of paintings, poetry, philosophy and lived experience, designed to touch, enliven, and uplift a particular dimension of the human condition. Delivered to you in daily bits, these programs can be seamlessly integrated into even the busiest of lives.

  • The challenge runs from June 10 to June 14, 2021 (but if you join early, you can also participate in three "bonus" pre-challenge days to enhance your experience...)
  • Every day, you receive a new painting, along with contemplative prompts and suggestions on how to connect with it.
  • You will also receive seeing practices to take into your day, to integrate the artist's experience into your own moment-to-moment seeing.
  • The minimum time commitment is 10 minutes a day (and the best bit is that these minutes have a magical capacity to add spaciousness to your day and expand time).
  • You can enjoy the program as a solitary journey of self-illumination, or power up the experience by participating in conversations in our private community area on, where you are invited to share your insights, experiences and breakthroughs through writing, painting, photography, or any other medium.

About the Presenter

Elena Maslova-Levin

As an artist and art lover, I explore, cultivate, and expand the magic space of synergy and inter-being that Art creates and opens for us. 

In this interactive exploration, I bring together my experiences as an artist, a reader, a spectator, and an eternal explorer of indescribable reality of life to invite you to enter this field with me, to reconnect with the magic and mystery of life and art, and to reinvigorate our sense of AWE AND WONDER — the deepest source of all creativity.

If you are here, and still reading: why don't you just give it a try?  


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