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​In the course of this 7-week adventure, you will receive two types of letters:

Weekly introductory notes

Each week begins with a short introduction to its theme (both video and text).

You can watch it (the video includes “guided seeing” of one of the masterpieces), or you can read it (or both — whichever is your preference). This introductory letter also contains the first painting masterpiece of the week.
    ⁃    The​ introductory notes are also available on our online portal.

Daily painting masterpieces

​These are very short emails: just a link to a high-resolution reproduction, plus sometimes a couple of suggestions.

All you have to do to make the next step of this journey is open this email, click the link, and open the painting. This is the essential ingredient of this whole process — just open the painting.

​Here is what is EXTREMELY important to remember, always:

​If you miss a day or two, that’s not a problem. Just open the next day’s email — you don’t need to “catch up” or anything like that.

Every painting stands on its own, every day is a new day.

(You can always contemplate the “missed” paintings later on — all the links are there on the online portal).

So just take it one day at a time: even if you missed a painting yesterday, open your new email today, click the link, have a look — that’s all you have to do.

​Here is another important note before we start:

​It is probably not the first time when you’ve decided to introduce a change into your life, some new behaviour which you believe will change it for the better.

And I don’t need to tell you that it doesn’t always happen according to plan. Life happens, as they say.

According to BJ Fogg’s (very thoroughly researched and supported) life-design model, there are two very simple, but often overlooked, factors in play here ​(and neither of them has anything to do with “the usual suspect”: motivation).

​These two ingredients of success are


To make a new behaviour “stick”, make it as easy as possible.

This is what daily links to painting masterpieces are here for: you don’t need to look for a good reproduction, nor to decide which painting to contemplate — sustaining your connection with great Art is as easy as opening an email and clicking a link (something you do many times on any single day anyway).


​No behaviour happens without a prompt: some kind of reminder to do it. In the course of this retreat, you will find (and design) your own “prompts” for new seeing rituals — but for now, please use my daily emails as prompts to look at the paintings! 

​​Here is the commitment I invite you to make right now:

“When I receive my daily email from SEE WHAT IS, I will open it, and click the link to open the daily painting. After that, I will celebrate!”

​That’s right, celebrate this tiniest step on the journey as a success — and this is what the first week of our retreat is about: celebration.

You will receive the first official “introductory” email tomorrow morning, but if you want to start right now, you can find this introduction on the online SEE WHAT IS portal.