Expand your vision

​Part 3: ​Three keys to the doors of perception

​​What this video is about

The ongoing shift of consciousness is unlike anything humanity has experienced before, because we live in the age of self-transforming minds. It is not just evolution of consciousness anymore, it is — to use Barbara Marx Hubbard’s words — conscious evolution.

We now know that we can consciously direct and facilitate our own growth, our own evolution. But how exactly would it work in this case: for expanding the sense of vision, for opening the doors of perception?

... This is the question I answer in this video.

And this answer is a synthesis of my own exploration of the process of synergistic seeing and BJ Fogg's research in life design.

Three pathways of transformation

​Three pathways of transformation are:

  • have an epiphany
  • change your environment
  • ​introduce tiny changes into your behavior.

​Epiphany is not something you can “do” intentionally, not usually. But Art is rich with epiphanies awaiting its spectators, waiting to be discovered. ​Every great painting is an epiphany, a revelation. That's why, simply by bringing more art into your experience​, you create an opening for epiphanies and insights to come rushing into your life.

And it also changes your environment, in (at least) two ways.

  • ​You see different imagery, images brought to you from the very edge of human visual experience​, from the very edge of conscious evolution.
  • And this, in itself, changes the way you see the world -- and so, by definition, changes your visual environment, creating a perfect positive feedback look to facilitate further expansion of vision.

And here are three tiny habits, three magical keys to the doors of perception:

  • ​Look at paintings, not as just beautiful objections, and not even for emotional resonance -- but see them as revelations, as insights into deeper nature of things.
  • Seeing pauses: pause to see what you see​​​, to interrupt the unconscious flow of seeing with your conscious attention.
  • Synergistic seeing: bring a memory of artistic insight into your seeing pauses, merging it with your visual experience. Allow your self to see through the artist's eyes.

If you are intrigued by the possibilities of this path, and would like to integrate these changes into your life and open the doors of perception, here is the key question to ask yourself in advance, right now:

​What obstacles might stand in your way? What challenges can you anticipate?

Contemplating this question in advance dramatically increases your chances of success: the challenges we see are usually easy to overcome, but we cannot overcome what we don't see!

I would be very grateful if you shared your answer with me, because it will help me to find ways to make this path more effortless and rewarding, for you and for others!

​Thank you!

​About the author

​My name is Elena Maslova-Levin, I am an artist — but, first and foremost, I am a humble spectator, in awe, amazement, veneration of the whole evolutionary unfolding of great art through the eons of human evolution.

​This ever-present, and intrinsically synergistic field of art is what gives me my power as an artist, and in this series I invite you to expand your sense of vision by deepening your inner connection to this field.